Medieval Merriment with the Minstrels

This post is rather belated, though I have shared these pictures elsewhere.  Anyway, this year's Minstrels' Court was another enormous success.  Sue and I (Pilgrims and Posies) organise it in conjunction with the local museum and St John's Church, but it only works due to the wonderful support of the very talented musicians who came from across the UK to help this very special event and enjoy a day of music together.  It is Britain's biggest gathering of medieval musicians and great fun for minstrels and visitors alike.
An informal session in the church porch as the day begins.
Tom telling the Musicians of Bremen story.
Visitors trying out some medieval board games.
Minstrels share news of their new instruments.
Tom Goodale tells a tale from King Arthur's Court
Demonstrating braiding.
A knight is armed.
The scribe is at work recording the events of the day.
Braiding and gossiping.
Minstrels processing up Bridge Street.
Minstrels playing at the Cross in the heart of Chester.
Minstrels at the East Gate of the city.
Heading back to the church.
A guard waits for the returning minstrels.
The gathered minstrels kneel in deference at the altar.
Rev David Chesters issues the licences to minstrels.
A troublesome musitioner is placed in the stocks.
The Time Bandits perform a mini-concert as the medieval musicians take a rest after processing.