Faded Beauty

A while ago we were at a fair in the midlands and took advice from a friend to take a diversion on the way home to go to see the church of St Leodegarius and that we would find it well worthwhile.

Now, being a storyteller, I know that you should always follow advice like this.  And it was worth it.  Ashby St Ledgers takes its name from the saint to which the church is dedicated.  The whole village was deserted, and the church open. 

It was late on an autumn afternoon and the windows spared us just enough light to see the magnificent remains of the wall paintings.

As you entered there was a magnificent St Christopher.
Here was the Passion from around 1500.

And even earlier, St Margaret from around 1325. 

There were brasses,

A beautiful painted rood screen,

A skeleton reminding us of our mortality,

And a harpy atop this later memorial.

The church must have dazzled once, but even this faded glory left us speechless.