Musitioners get their Licences

Bit of a delay, but we've only just got the pictures from the happenings at this year's Minstrels' Court and it has been a pleasure looking back at the event, the best yet, and that's down to all of the support of many friends who came to share their musical skills or historic crafts.  Thank you!  It is a unique happening, but simply would not happen without this help and friendly support. 

Far too much was happening to show it all, but here's a taster.

The day began with musicians gathering from across the land, including Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, South Wales, Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and of course many from Cheshire.

There were living history demonstrations featuring a range of historic characters.

Minstrels and visitors enjoyed Renaissance dance workshops.

Lively performances took place in the chancel of St John's,

Whilst informal sessions took place in the porch.

The Minstrels left for a perambulation of the city,

Wandering down Eastgate to the Cross at the centre of the city was a rousing show and introduced today's Cestrians to a range of wonderful instruments, not least English bagpipes!

The Minstrels played a medieval processional tune all the way from the Cross to St Johns,

Where we got our licences in a recreation of the original ceremony.

Then shared more music through the day and a memorable evening concert.

We're doing it all again next year, Saturday 15th June 2013, once more in the original and authentic location of the church of St John the Baptist, Chester.  See you there!